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Quit Smoking Step-By-Step

Quit Smoking


Step 1: Believe

Step 2: Plan

Step 3: Take Action

Step 4: Prepare Mentally

Step 5: Get Support

Step 6: Doctor

Step 7: Visualize Success

Step 8: Know Triggers

Step 9: Exercise

Step 10: Quit Buddy

Step 11: Don't Give Up


Products to Make Quitting Easier

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Smoke Control Spray

Smokeeze Cigarette Filters

Smokeless Counter

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Quit Smoking Step-By-Step at

Quitting smoking doesn't have to be a difficult process--if you know the proven steps to take. That's what this site is about--a simple step-by-step process for quitting.

Start with Step 1 and read through each of the 11 steps. Make a commitment to follow each step. Visit this site daily to reread the steps.

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Finally, choose one or more of the smoking cessation aids below, to help make quitting easier:


E-Z Quit
Artificial Cigarette

E-Z Quit Artificial CigarettePuff on E-Z Quit when you have a craving. Contains no drugs or nicotine. CLICK HERE for more details.

One Step at a Time
Cigarette Filters

One Step at a Time cigarette filtersQuit gradually with this set of four cigarette filters. Each filter removes tar and nicotine in increasing amounts. You don't have to quit cold turkey. CLICK HERE for more details.


Smoke Control

Smoke Control Spray can help you quit smokingSpray away your cravings with this homeopathic oral spray. Simple and effective. Just spray whenever you get cravings. CLICK HERE for more details.


Use a computer to quit smoking on a precise schedule. Take the guesswork and frustration out of quitting. CLICK HERE for more details.


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